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Kicking girl by MinoruneTomo

I shot akiya's kung fu kick at low angle. (*´▽`*)
Hatsune Miku's Valentine's Day by MinoruneTomo

Who is spending Valentine's day with me ?? :heart:
Maid kicks by MinoruneTomo

At Nekomimi Maid Cafe "BLUE SKY", now a service menu is being held so that maid steps on customers.

If you would like to experience this service menu please come to Japan.:heart:
Chie 3 by MinoruneTomo

Today I took a picture of Chie.

I think that the line of the body and the color of the skin could be expressed well better than when I took it before.

By the way, do you like to provoke from girls?

Please give me comments.
Setsubin of Gintama by MinoruneTomo

※Please translate lines written in Japanese yourself.

Today is Japan 's festival day called Setsubun.
So, I made a story of Setsubun at Gintama 's cosplay.

Photographer and edit : Minorune Tomo
Gintoki Sakata : Kurumi
Kagura : Yui
Shinpachi Shimura : Nonomaru

"Setsubun" literally means "division of seasons" and this day was the end of winter.
On the evening of this day, people throw roasted soybeans inside and outside their houses with a cry of "Oniwa-soto, Fukuwa-uchi!" meaning "Devils out! Good luck in!".
As the beans are thrown, it is believed good luck is invited in and bad luck is driven out.
It is also customary to eat as many roasted beans as one's age.
It is a kind of charm against ill luck.
Ryomou 100 by MinoruneTomo

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Model (Ryomou Shimei) : akiya

Today, there was a visit of the 100th country to my DeviantArt!

w100-1 by MinoruneTomo

w100-2 by MinoruneTomo

It seemed as if I were traveling around the world, I felt very happy!

w100-3 by MinoruneTomo

Thanks a million!
Nami2017 #1 by MinoruneTomo

I published the "Photograph taken 2017 (Nami / Yui)" which summarized the photographs of Nami I took in 2017 on the web.
Please check it.…
Please click 【入室する】 on the site of the above URL.

Nami2017 #2 by MinoruneTomo

2017年にわたしが撮影したナミさんの写真をまとめた「撮影した写真2017 (Nami / Yui)」をweb公開しています。
Please click 【入室する】 on the site of the above URL.

Nami 12 by MinoruneTomo

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Nami (ONE PIECE) : Yui
Special thanks to : LAGUNASIA

Nami 13…
Please click 【入室する】 on the site of the above URL.
I just passed 30K DeviantArt pageviews!
Thank you all for your support on DeviantArt.
Let's shoot for 40K now!

I got a comment from my model akiya.

Chrome Dokuro 3 by MinoruneTomo

Well everyone I couldn't have done it without you.
I love you soooo much! :heart::heart:

Anna by MinoruneTomo

On Thursday this week, I took a picture of Anna's cosplay.

The shooting location is the theme park in Japan.
There were many houses in Disney's fairy tale.
We enjoyed cosplay taking pleasure all day there.

Princess Anna of Arendelle

Princess Anna of Arendelle 2

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Princess Anna of Arendelle (Frozen) : Yui
Special thanks to : Anjo Denpark
Chrome Dokuro 1 by MinoruneTomo

Today is Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 's girl character Chrome Dokuro' s birthday!


The next picture is a present from Chrome Dokuro.

Chrome Dokuro 2 by MinoruneTomo

She likes gentlemen.
Please play with her gently tonight.

↓Please also look at this picture.↓
 And I ask for your Fav.:+fav:

Chrome Dokuro 13
Ryomou stop 1 by MinoruneTomo

She was shy and told me not to take panties photographs.


ryomou stop 2 by MinoruneTomo

I succeeded in shooting her panties!

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Cosplay of Ryomou Shimei (Ikkitousen) : akiya

↓Please also look at the pictures of my gallery today :heart:

Ryomou Shimei 22
amiki CD 1 by MinoruneTomo

Yui (Idol name Amiki) of Nami's cosplayer who I always shoot released a new single CD.

Nami 10 by MinoruneTomo

I took a picture of the cover of that single CD last month.

That day we were shooting like this.

amiki CD 2 by MinoruneTomo

amiki CD 3 by MinoruneTomo

Yesterday I did a Black★Rock Shooter action figure shoot.
In animation "Color" was the theme so I finished it as a work by making use of the camera technique that I can have.
This picture does not use CG.

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Good Smile Company Black ★ Rock Shooter - animation version - (1/8 scale PVC painted finished product)

↓Please also look at this picture.↓
mikupray by MinoruneTomo

Pray for Iran and  Iraq.

My heartfelt sympathy to you.

I keep on praying for your safety and recovery.

From Japanese photographer Minorune Tomo.
Miku #2-1 by MinoruneTomo

This is an action figure of HATSUNE MIKU which I shot in Lagunasia this Wednesday.

Miku #2-2 by MinoruneTomo

I set the shutter speed of the camera for a long time and photographed using the surrounding electric decoration.

Sega HATSUNE MIKU Premium Figure
Canon EOS 7D 40mm 1second F14 ISO100
miku by MinoruneTomo

Today I took a picture while taking a walk in the park with Miku.

↓With this URL you can see Miku 's panchira.↓

HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA #7 by MinoruneTomo

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Sega Hatsune Miku Figure Fairy of Music
FUJIFILM X-E1 35mm 1/125second F2.8 ISO100

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But Hammy did not give up resistance until the end.

Hammy removed the handcuffs attached to both hands.

Lockerland #31-1 by MinoruneTomo

And she came close to Yui falling by her side.

Lockerland #31-2 by MinoruneTomo

We may be killed.

But when we go to heaven we will be friends.

Hammy and Yui got voice to each other.

Lockerland #31-3 by MinoruneTomo

Lockerland ... It might be beside you.
But please do not give up hope like their girls.

the end


Das Ende



【Extra photo】
Lockerland #31-4 by MinoruneTomo

New Lockerland production started!

HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA Future Tone DX

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 2, 2017, 8:11 AM

PS4 "HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA Future Tone DX" Official Promotion Video

Virtual singer HATSUNE MIKU starring rhythm game "HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA Future Tone DX" is the official promotion video!

Ryomou Bath towel Ver 2 by MinoruneTomo

AIZU Ikkitousen Ryomo Shimei Bath towel Ver 1/5 scale

Photographer : Minorune Tomo

Coming soon...
Yoshika Miyafuji by MinoruneTomo

I imagined shooting in the indoor pool.

Photographer : Minorune Tomo
Sega Lucky Lottery Strike Witches 2 Yoshika Miyafui High Grade Swimwear Figure
Canon EOS 7D 40mm 1/30second F2.8 ISO160